Kaleidoscope is a new micro-park and interactive installation in West Hollywood. This temporary installation uses color, reflections, and movement to define a new social space along the sidewalk at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Peer Drive.

Kaleidoscope offers opportunities for visual, tactile, and experiential engagement that transform as one approaches, moves around, and interacts with the installation. From a distance, Kaleidoscope appears as a field of color and reflections, an ephemeral moment that changes character throughout the day. More immediately, the play of reflections between the prisms and the site produces a unique representation of daily life. Pedestrians can engage directly into this play by rotating the prisms, walking in and alongside the installation, or taking a moment to bask in the surreal experience of being inside a kaleidoscope.

The effects produced by Kaleidoscope are visceral yet unexpected. These sensorial enticements appeal to a broad and diverse audience; almost anyone can engage with and enjoy the installation. The dimensions and arrangement of the prisms are both accessible and approachable, inviting the curious to interact and become part of Kaleidoscope.

In collaboration with utopiad.org